Bocas History

The Bocas del Toro Islands are steeped in wonderful history dating to the wild exploring days of Columbus, the pirating days of Captain Morgan and the like. The islands are named after Christopher Columbus with the port of Almirante, Admiral. The island of Cristobal, Christopher. The main island of Colon, Columbus. I've been told Bastimentos is were Columbus found his food and Isla Carenero, Careening Key was named because Columbus Careened his roting boats in the bay where there is only a couple of feet tide difference any given day to replace the wooden planks of the hull. Isla Solarte known as Nancy's key, I have never been able to find out why it was called Nancy Key. Maybe Columbus had a girlfriend with that name :)


It has been said Captain Morgan lived on Carenero for a couple of years, till some boats showed up, where apon he sailed out of town.