Bocas Growth

Being one of the original modern era pioners, arriving to Bocas in the early 90's I feel I have a story to tell. For ten years till the early part of the new centuary, Bocas enjoyed it's last epica befor the first tourists arrived and started to change the face of Bocas and it's upspoiled mental state. A time when the roughly ten cars meandered around pedestrians promanarding down the main drag, of third street. As kids had races and model aeroplanes made from garbage were tested running down the high street. 

Bocas has come a long way from the days when burnt cars, weeds knee high and mud to the anckles were a daily part of the scenary in the high street.

Slowly the leaning, unpainted homes became the pride and joy, as they were restored to thier glory day condition. From having under fifty rooms between the two hotels in town to now having thousands of bedrooms to offer the adventurous traveller.

From going two months without seeing a tourist to now not being able to go two seconds without seeing a tourists