Bocas Activities

If you love water activities, Bocas offers a wonderful selection from shalow reefs to caves, tunnels and crevasses. Mangroves which are like another world to white soft fern coral forests to the beautiful undersea reef called "The Gardens". Near Crawl Key there are large stage horn coral heads and then there is the outter wild reefs, for the more adventurous diver. It took me years to dive all the possible sites in the islands and there are still more areas to explore and discover. 

All the water sports you can think of can be enjoyed in the islands, due to the calm nature of the water being so protected.

Bocas has become very recognised by surfing aficionados with breaks like Paunch, Brown's Point, Dumpers, Silverback etc.

Other water acrivities include fishing, scuba, sailing, water skiing etc.

Jungle hikes are a favorite, to caves, along the coastal beaches, up the mountains on the mainland and in the Bastimentos National Park.

If your a gardener and always wanted to have a beautiful selection of orchids, look no further. Also Bocas is a Birdies paradise,