The Kent History.



Inspired defined means ‘to be filled with the urge to do something creative’. That was Peter Kent’s sentiment when the natural beauty of Bocas del Toro prompted him to make the islands his home in 1993. Peter’s affinity for the archipelago is how ‘Inspired Living’ came to be his company’s motto. His emigration to Bocas and subsequent marriage to his wife Andrea, an accomplished interior designer, motivated him to start a real estate development company and revive the name Kentways, originally a family business in the 1960’s & 70's that provided luxury vacations throughout Europe. Today Kentways is a respected company in Bocas, known for quality construction and the practice of environmentally low impact development.  

Having been raised on an island off the coast of Spain, the colorful Latin culture of Bocas del Toro brought back fond memories of Peter’s youth. The lively Caribbean atmosphere, tropical weather, friendly locals and diversified water sports activities prompted him to take a closer look at the country and consider making a larger investment in the area.  Panama’s geographic location allows easy traveling access from North and South America as well as Europe, and the country is safely below the hurricane belt. There has never been a hurricane in the region in documented history. The U.S. dollar is its currency and the economy is stable and flourishing. The cost of living is substantially lower than other countries, there are considerable retirement benefits and Panama City offers excellent medical care. 

In the islands of Bocas del Toro specifically, the pace of living is relaxed and there are no traffic lights, just the open water. A traffic jam in Bocas is when three boats pull up to the waterfront gas station at the same time. After saying to himself, ‘How can it be better anywhere else!’ Peter determined this was the ideal place to invest in for the long term.   He had a background in international construction experience, having previously worked on development projects in the United States, New Zealand and Australia.  As he arrived years before many other ex-pats made their way to the area, he was fortunate to acquire prime titled waterfront properties near to Bocas Town with all its services. Over the years Kentways has built eighteen homes and has handled over seventy property transactions in the islands, establishing a track record of success that installs confidence in potential clients.