Sharing the land

"Thars gold in dem thar hills!" In other words, there are deals to be had. 

WHY Isla Carenero?  The answer is simply, "location, location, location."  Whether looking to buy and build your retirement dream home, invest in a property as an income or just have a second vacation home, this is the hot spot to be!  Isla Carenero is close to town, a 5 minute boat ride, serene and beautiful.  Surfers have easy access to the waves, snorkeling, swimming and jungle adventure walks are part of your front and back neighborhood.

WHAT?  After 18 years of owning and tending this beautiful paradise, it is time to share the opportunity with others.  Titled land, segregated lots and electric plans approved for installation.  A few of the homes built are now occupied and another being built on the hillside of Island Oasis.  Most of the land has never been marketed, so what you see is new NEWS.

Will You Be My Neighbor?  Remember Mr. Roger's?  I sure do.  He was always a gentle soul who seemed to have so many good friends and neighbors.  Peter seems to always have the right contacts to do the job.  Its' taken many trials and tribulations to get to this point. You may wish to figure it out on your own, but why reinvent the wheel if not needed.  After so many years and the various homes built on Carenero, Peter has the dance down.  Either way, we are here to be your good neighbor.

Please share your feedback.  We welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Be Well,

Andrea and Peter Kent